Issue #1: Maker City Digest

Back in May, 2016, three makers and a mayor were selected to fly cross-country to attend Etsy's inaugural Maker City Summit in Brooklyn, New York. We went thinking we'd get a better idea of how to set-up and run a collaborative workspace, but what we came away with was a deeper understanding and broader vision of the immense potential, not just for our local maker community, but for Southern Oregon as a whole.

Flash forward seven months, and Talent Maker City is a real thing! We've incorporated with the State of Oregon, filed for 501(c)(3) status, installed our first Board of Directors, and – most importantly – connected with many amazing makers, business and civic leaders, and educators, all of whom share our enthusiasm and vision to create a hub of creativity and innovation right here in the Rogue Valley.  


Joe Wissman

Joe Wissman

A Word from Our treasurer, Joe Wismann

Our vision for Talent Maker City is that it will one day soon be an amazing multi-purpose facility for creative minds of all ages to explore and share new ideas. To make that happen, it’s important that we are properly organized and conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws and rules.  To date, TMC has registered our corporation with the Oregon Secretary of State, installed our Board of Directors, finalized our bylaws, submitted an application for nonprofit status with the IRS, and registered as a nonprofit organization with the Oregon Attorney General. It may be a few months before all the government filings are approved. Meanwhile we’ll stay on the right side of the law and continue laying the organizational foundation on which Talent Maker City will be built and thrive for years to come. Here to help is the newest member our Board, Stephanie Dolan, a Talent-based attorney who specializes in business startups and nonprofit law.

Workshops coming in 2017

While we work to find or build a suitable makerspace in Talent, we're planning on offering a variety of workshops at various locations around the Rogue Valley. 

We're actively seeking instructors for our maker workshops. If you're a maker who would be interested in leading a workshop in your field of expertise, let's talk! 

Of course, we'll keep you updated on workshops and schedules, all you have to do is follow the link below to signup for our workshop mailing list!


Rogue Valley Mini Maker faire

It was Talent Maker City's first time attending the Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire at Scienceworks and it was amazing! For TMC, it was another opportunity to engage the maker community, share ideas, and make stuff! 

We had custom DIY paper airplanes for the kiddos and business cards and handshakes for everyone else. It was good times all around and we'll definitely be back in 2017. 


city of talent + Talent maker city

One component of the "Maker City" concept is the idea that a forward-thinking local government that values entrepreneurship, sustainability, and responsible manufacturing can do more to engage and support creative communities, thereby changing the way we create and sell locally-made goods. We're incredibly lucky to have the City of Talent on board with our plan to bring economic opportunity to town by including a makerspace in the newly adopted 20-year Comprehensive Plan! For you policy wonks out there, follow the link below to the Comp Plan PDF (Page E-9)


Talent urban renewal agency seeks YOUR input!

Calling all makers, creatives, and everyone else interested in bringing economic, social, and creative opportunity to Talent! The Talent Urban Renewal Agency will be having an open house on January 11, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Talent Community Center.  They are seeking YOUR INPUT for the downtown parcels that we will soon be offered for development.  This is your chance to support Talent Maker City and help shape how Downtown Talent will look for years to come!