SEPTEMBER 23 at Scienceworks hands-on museum

How complicated is taking a polaroid picture?
As terrifically complicated as we can possibly make it!

An original Rube Goldberg selfie contraption!

This year, TMC is running a hands-on Rube Goldberg exhibit at the Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire and we need your help! Swing by our tent Saturday, Sept. 23 between 10am-5pm to join in the design and build of our Fantastic Photo Machine!

What's a Rube Goldberg machine, you ask? It's a terrifically over-engineered contraption that exists solely to execute a simple task. In our case, that simple task is triggering an old-style Polaroid camera to capture a photo of all the fine folks who help build the machine throughout the day! 


URGENT: We need your widgets, gadgets, and thingamabobs!

When building a terrifically over-complicated machine, one requires a terrific amount of parts to match the meddle of our many mad-genius makers! We're looking for all sorts of things, from bowling and billiard balls, a tether ball, large funnels, gears, pulleys, wheels, and if we're realllly lucky some mannequin parts.

Please shoot us an email or message us on Facebook or Instagram if you've got anything you can donate. 

Check out this video of the world's largest Rube Goldberg contraption for an idea of what kind of stuff we need, or just to get inspired to join us at the Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire!