City of Talent Recognized by!

Etsy, Inc.
117 Adams Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
February 28, 2017


I'm writing to congratulate you and the City of Talent on your accomplishment of making your city an official Etsy Maker City! We are so inspired by your continued passion for empowering makers and your commitment to investing in the local creative economy. 

We've learned so much from the opportunity to work with teams like yours, and appreciate the time you've given to bring your project plan to life. We're confident that pairing strong values-aligned municipalities with the creative and innovative spirit of the Etsy community will continue to spark ideas, bolster lasting relationships, and enable creative local economies—and the makers who power them—to thrive. 

We were thrilled to welcome you and the Talent Action Team to Brooklyn in May of 2016 for the first ever Etsy Maker Cities Summit, and even more excited to see how, together, you executed your project plans with craftsmanship and community drive. Working together, your Action Team has inspired a thriving community of artisans, makers, tinkerers and planners to help bring your vision of a makerspace into reality. By forming an independent nonprofit organization, Talent Maker City has institutionalized a space where makers can work closely with their local government. In doing so, you have ensured ongoing collaboration to build a makerspace with a vision that reflects the values of an Etsy Economy. We're so excited to follow the developments of Talent Maker City as you work to bring the makerspace, and all the community programming to life! 

Congratulations on all of the accomplishments for the City of Talent, and the reverberating successes in the Rogue Valley! Your Action Team has proved that local governments and the Etsy community can thrive together. Talent has a long and storied history of makers forming the fabric of your community. From the Native Americans that shared their crafts to the artists and machinists of today, Talent has long led the way in best practices to leverage the passions of micro-entrepreneurs, makers, and policymakers to support the creative economy. It is our hope that this recognition from Etsy builds on past accomplishments, and helps to inspire more to join the maker movement. 

We are so proud to officially designate the City of Talent as an Etsy Maker City, and we look forward to our continued part rship. 

Chad Dickerson
CEO, President and Chair
Etsy, Inc.