Talent Maker City Working on Convincing Talent Urban Renewal Agency to Incorporate TMC Downtown | KTVL

TALENT, Ore.. - Talent Maker City representatives are continuing to work on building a workshop space for the community.

The Talent Urban Renewal Agency is in the process of determining which developments they'd like to house in their Gateway Project downtown.

Talent Maker City Chair, Ryan Wilcoxson, believes a maker space, where people can create and develop ideas, would be the perfect addition to the downtown revitalization.

"A central location in downtown Talent will do several things. It'll feature arts and culture, and It'll work of rebrand Talent as a hub for creative innovation. But it'll also generate regional interest from north and south that Talent might not otherwise have."

Wilcoxson believes that regional interest will yield more business opportunities.

Until they determine whether they will be able to secure a spot in the Gateway Project,

Talent Maker City will hold workshops at various locations throughout the month.