Whether it's a financial donation, equipment, or even your time, each and every donation helps us in our goal of establishing Talent, Oregon as a regional hub for cultural and economic innovation. 

Have equipment or time to donate? Contact us here.


Education & Outreach

Reaching young makers early is crucial in cultivating a sense of self-reliance, community, and creative identity. Donations help with craft supplies and informational materials.


Workshops are our near-term priority as we work to open our makerspace facility. Donations help offset or eliminate class fees to make our workshops accessible for all.

Equipment & Space

We have an ongoing need for tools and space to carry out workshops and outreach activities. This includes everything from safety scissors, to rental costs, to insurance. Donations, equipment or monetary, allow for more consistent and better engagement of our local creative population.

When you can't buy local

We always encourage people to "buy local," but sometimes Amazon is the only option. Luckily, they make it possible for some of your money to stay local. When you shop Amazon, consider kicking a little back to TMC through Amazon Smile.